Course curriculum

    1. Introduction: How to Use this Subscription

    2. Accessibility Features

    3. Mental Health Workshop: Elevating Your Relationships

    4. Mental Health Tool #1: Repair Your Relationship: The "House" Tool

    5. Ultimate Mental Health Tool: The One You Can't Live Without

    6. Introduction to The Daily Ritual: What to Expect

    7. Before You Begin: Tips on Creating a New Habit

    8. Introduction to Meditation

    9. 20-Minute Guided Meditation for Relationship

    10. BONUS: 10 Minutes Guided Meditation for Daily Use

    11. Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga

    12. 25 Minutes Yoga: Vinyasa for Relationship

    13. Introduction to Practicing Daily Affirmations

    14. Daily Affirmations For Relationship: I am Love

    15. Daily Affirmations For Relationship: I am connected

    16. Daily Affirmations For Relationship: I am Receptive

    17. Introduction to Intuitive Reading

    18. Intuitive Reading: Relationship

    19. End of the Month Reflection

    20. Additional Support for Your Healing Journey

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